• Instantly see how many steps are to be learned.
  • Click from step to step – Stay on each step as little or as much as needed.
  • Quickly go back – jump ahead – return to place
  • Refresher – click at your own pace
  • Viewable on various devices – smartphones, tablets, glasses, HoloLens.


Graphic View

Engineering View

Cognitive Creator

  • Flow diagram is created. Each folder is a work step and an arrow indicates the sequence of operations. The system easily models even the most complex work sequences.
  • Decision making questions can be inserted in the flow to take the learner/associate down the correct path of action and/or merge back into the central flow of the process.

You are self-sufficient and turning out enterprise wide platforms on Day One!


You capture the person executing a task with a camera on a mobile device or a fixed video camera. This video is converted via our ioxp software into step by step sequence of the person’s performance. You can analyze from Industrial Engineering and Ergonomic views and gain consensus that the procedure is executed correctly.


Standardized descriptions, annotations, safety symbols, etc. can be added along with photos, video in video, existing pdfs, schematics via drag and drop – cut and paste.  


Instantly provide access to ioManual, ioPages, Cognitive Creator across the enterprise.