Augmented reality


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Creation of AR content using the ioxp software is a very fast, easy process. The system learns by you executing the process once correctly. The software instantly analyzes the before/after of the workspace for each step. The system can distinguish between correct and incorrect executions.


Using the Cognitive Creator, you can annotate steps, add additional visual notations and images. With mouse gestures and a toolbox system the user can create easily understandable instructions in the shortest possible time. Existing graphics can be easily added by drag-and-drop.

Our method analyses the workspace before and after each workstep. The system can detect between incorrect and correct executions. Additionally, the software creates AR translucent training hands that are overlaid in real time to display the correct procedures and to guide the user through the work steps.

While creating this AR content, the system simultaneously creates a readable, printable manual (ioPages). Also, the instructional content can be viewed in step-by-step instructional videos (ioManual).


“Translucent Training Hands”

This can be utilized as:

  • “Training video”
  • Real-time off-line training center
  • Real-time on-line training center and send signals of correct/incorrect to PCL
  • Real-time on-line quality check to send signals of correct/incorrect to PLC without showing hands on monitor

Interactive Learning/Training is achieved by displaying:


  • Green hands = correct position
  • Red hands = wrong position
  • Green check = correct execution
  • Red X = wrong execution