Market Speaks

CFO – “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?”

CEO – “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Survey Results of Learning 10 Step Procedure via SeeDaten Process

  • 86% preferred SeeDaten – ioManual – clickable instructions
  • 14% preferred SeeDaten – ioPages – scrolling instructions

100% of the participants (different types of learners) were able to learn equally because of the two delivery platforms. No one was forced to learn with one methodology.

On a Scale of 5:

  • 4.8 avg – SeeDaten format improved comprehension and reinforced learning of the procedure
  • 4.7 avg – SeeDaten format provides the information needed to correctly learn and perform the procedure
  • 3.6 avg – SeeDaten format is beneficial for introducing and learning new skills
  • 75% – SeeDaten format can further increase their knowledge/comprehension.

What SeeDaten Customers Are Saying

The IOXP software as provided by SeeDaten, provides exceptional information for training on manufacturing processes, as well as, facility and maintenance operations. Simply configured by internal resources, detailed manufacturing processes are captured and documented for incorporating with lean manufacturing and ISO certification. Technicians can easily access step by step instructions for maintaining critical facility and production infrastructure. VP of Manufacturing Operations

The SeeDaten tools are great for educating new hires in industry. Launching new products, both internal associates and customers, can learn consistently and quickly. Eliminates cost and time of our trainers travelling. Being able to quickly insert updates is a huge benefit. Machine Specialist

I love the SeeDaten format, it’s extremely user friendly. Very helpful with training “check offs” that nursing requires. We have a lot of required annual competencies and this will help with skill decline. Nurse

SeeDaten offers support for both establishing new comprehension and deepening existing understanding in students/workers. Current educational research has concluded that in today’s age of accelerated technological progress and digital gadgets, the incoming information encountered is impossible to process and memorize using traditional methodology. The SeeDaten structured, systematized form of visually presented information makes it easy to teach and to learn. Professor of Higher Education

SeeDaten technologies will greatly aide students learning and reduce skill decline. The consistency of message from instructors will be improved. Professor of Nursing-Clinical Simulation

SeeDaten Events


SeeDaten, Inc. is a Bronze Sponsor of The Lowcountry Manufacturers Council (SCMA) Annual Meeting – The Keynote Speaker will be Mr. Arnhelm Mittelbach, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans, LLC. 
@Charleston Gaillard Center, Charleston, SC

SeeDaten, Inc. (Philip and Noel) Tech Talk at SME SouthTec Greenville, SC. Presentation – “On-board and Retain Talent using Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality to Deliver Meaningful MFG Knowledge”
@Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, SC


SeeDaten, Inc. and SPARK hosted the Mayor’s Roundtable Event.  Phillip Riddle, President of SeeDaten gave an overview of how the Spark Center played a role in the successful launch of his business and Rep. Mike Forrester gave an overview of SPARK followed by a tour of the facility. 
@SPARK Center SC, Duncan, SC

SeeDaten, Inc. attended the 3rd annual SC Launch Summit. Sponsored by SCRA.
@USC Alumni Center, Columbia

SeeDaten, Inc. and SPARK hosted the Piedmont section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) meeting.  SeeDaten gave a demonstration of the SeeDaten/ioxp system including live AR demonstrations of ioAssist and ioStation
@SPARK Center SC, Duncan, SC

SeeDaten participates in Spartanburg Community College career fair held on the new “Campus Green”
@Spartanburg Community College, Main Campus

SeeDaten participates in the Economic Visionaries Awards for companies demonstrating extraordinary leadership in transforming Upstate South Carolina

Presentation at Winter Technical Seminar of Southern Textile Association.
@Gaston College, Textile Technology Center, BELMONT, NC