The motion of a person performing any task can be captured and the platforms created.

What can be covered?

Augmented Reality; Mixed Reality; IoT (Internet of Things); Industry 4.0 (IoT); Artificial Intelligence (AI); standard operating procedures (SOP); Industrial Engineering; Process Engineering; Safety; Training; Learning; Critical Thinking; Preventative Maintenance; Skill Decline; Smart Factory; Digital Thread; AGILE Solutions; Digital Twin; Skill Gap; Clinical Skills;

Let’s build the technical foundation to achieve scalable results on changing the effectiveness of the operation, enhancing the learning, increasing/stabilizing quality and lower cost.

Estimates are that 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled over the next decade. Skills Gap is expected to increase to 2 million of those jobs being unfilled. SeeDaten’s core is helping people learn new tasks and close the Skills Gap.

Rapidly changing accessory packages and new model rollouts demand quick updates and flexibility in information delivered. SeeDaten allows management and engineering to quickly evaluate and roll out desired procedural information to the production floor.

Machinery builders are facing four areas of turnover which effects end customer satisfaction: 1. Internal associates 2. Traveling technicians 3. Distributor technicians 4. Customer technicians. One SeeDaten platform/deployment helps all four learning demands.

Technological advancements, complex solutions, and accurate execution are ever increasing demands. SeeDaten technologies assist in faster/deeper comprehension and accurate process evaluations and procedural documentation. Eliminate skill decline and stabilize the quality of delivery.

It is not a one size fits all world (was it ever?).

Placing uniform instructional materials across multiple instructors and varying types of learners on platforms that are modern and interactive enables us to eliminate the handicaps of one size fits all.