Finding and keeping talent is more critical than ever for business growth. The ability to work with new technology is, as expected, a key ingredient for attracting a sought-after workforce. Younger workers are used to simple, seamless technology experiences in the apps and services they use in their personal lives. When they’re faced with a workplace with outdated, hard-to-use technology, they’re less comfortable and less motivated.
Our partnership/journey combines these visions + our technologies/experiences + your people and processes = sustainable and profitable results.

Our Leadership

Philip J. Riddle

President & CEO

Process improvement, associate learning in multiple industries, leading edge technologies, and corporate P&L.

Noel Bylina

Senior Systems Engineer

Mechanical engineering and materials science in the power generation as design and systems engineer.

Steve Zepf


Certified Public Accountant (not active) in auditing and corporate finance across a broad spectrum of industries, CFO of company listed on NYSE.

Christian Bouda, LL.M.

International Technology Leader

Founder of startups in tech industry, healthcare/medtech, and renewables sectors.

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