Accelerate Learning & Deepen Comprehension
with seedaten

Reality & Augmented Reality

Handsfree – Display & Mobile / SmartGlasses / HoloLens

One Effort Builds the Technical Foundation for Enhanced/Adaptive Learning + Process Documentation

Let’s build the technical foundation to achieve scalable results; changing the effectiveness of the operation, increasing/stabilizing quality, and lowering cost. LIMITLESS ADAPTABILITY

SeeDaten, Inc. Duncan, SC is the exclusive North America partner with ioxp, GmbH, Mannheim, Germany. SeeDaten combines the ioxp software technologies with its operational and engineering experiences to provide its clients with an integrated solution that will Accelerate Learning, Deepen Comprehension and improve process accuracy and documentation. The results are improved quality, increased safety, reduced turnover, and increased profitability of operations.

With SeeDaten deployment, the associates/learners are increasing their comprehension and understanding leading to a quicker quality output and satisfaction. SeeDaten also helps reduce the high cost of on boarding and ramp up of a new hire/ new learner.

With uniform instructional material content (SeeDaten technologies applied), and quick refresher views, skill decline is reduced and performance is stabilized.

We’re part of the revolution and revitalization of manufacturing in an age where every process is a smart process and requires accurate documentation and knowledge.

– Steve Jobs