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Cognitive Creator - Process Engineering & Planning - "Chapters"



The Cognitive Creator allows the user to view the stored data in a structured manner. The process view shows the relation between actions similar to a business process modeling language or an expert system.

Action sequences can be restructured easily by altering the connections between the actions the AR system will immediately know how the transition to the new action has to be handled. This allows to quickly adapt the process to the current situation without the need to re-record any video material. In case a new workflow follows an already recorded part, it can be appended right there. Complex decision trees can be modeled equally.

The cognitive creator gives the opportunity to add supplementary information per work step. For example, helpful animations can be added to highlight certain aspects - like superimposing a virtual screwdriver on top of a screw in the camera view. All virtual information can be placed without knowledge in fields such as 3D content creation or the underlying tracking system in order to superimpose real world objects with virtual information.